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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weeping for the Modern Age!

Vogue - December 2008

Vogue - November 1949

What ever has happened?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Model Magic

It would seem that the model is on the rise.
Girls like Coco Rocha and Agyness are part of a new guard of recognizable beauties with bubbly, marketable personalities beneath their runway scowls.
Every season, a few lucky, lanky, languid ladies claw their way into the hearts of casting directors and debut as runway regulars...or better yet, elusive exclusives for fashion's elite.
This season, a mixture of ex-exclusives, underrated vets, and brand new girls fresh off the boat all had supadupaFLASHHDANNCEEbreakout moments in the spotlight.
Coincidentally, I chose favorites.
Here they are...oh, destiny...

Sarah Blomqvist
The epitome of frigid elegance, Sara Blomqvist lent her imposing presence to the Christopher Kane, Alexender McQueen, and Givenchy name only a few. I see some cinematic editorial moments in her future.

Stephanie Carta
Australia's newest installation, Stephanie Carta possesses an edgy, intellectual beauty. She remained a Balenciaga exclusive for the past few show seasons...perhaps there's a campaign in her future?

Kineé Diouf
While she's been modeling for a while now, Kineé Diouf hit her stride this season, walking for Proenza Schouler and Lanvin. Her exotic features and beautiful skintone (awe-inspiring on the runway) are sure to land her plenty of reputable bookings.

Naty Chabanenko
Fresh from a Prada/Miu Miu exclusive last season, Naty's ethereal presence was in all the right places: from Rodarte to Louis Vuitton...and Prada, of course. With Meisel having already lensed her for one of his edgiest editorial in years, Naty is off to an extraordinary start.

Lakshmi Menon
Lakshmi, the exotic Indian beauty, hit model stardom at a very un-stardom-y age: 28. Her womanly aura floored casting directors across the board, landing her key bookings at Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, and Hermés. With Paris Vogue already having signed on and a Givenchy campaign running in magazines now, one can only speculate upon what's next.

Sophie Srej
In New York, Sophie nabbed the Calvin Klein exclusive, instantly putting her in spotlight. She remained strong in the elite castings, booking Prada in Milan. Sophie's brand of simultaneous edginess and timelessness is sure to catch the eye of avant garde publications like i-D. as well as glossy staples like Harper's Bazaar or Elle.

Ymre Stiekema
The seasons undoubted sphinx, the enigmatic Ymre appeared as a strict exclusive in the Prada show, not even appearing at Miu Miu as the Prada exclusives usually do. As her ethereal Prada resort ads are running in magazines now, there's is a great possibility that this powerful beauty may fill the void that Sasha Pivovarova's Prada contract expiration opened. Miu's new muse?

Sessilee Lopez
Sessilee, another modeling vet, was the name on everyone's lips this past season, booking everyone from Fendi to Vivienne Westwood to Lanvin...not to mention Marc Jacobs. Her classic beauty defies any "ethnicity trend", and having already been featured in starmaking editorials in V and Vogue Italia, she's bound for even more.

Stay tuned, ya'll!
Aren't models grand?

MFA - Prada Don't Preach

Whether I ultimately love it or hate it, the Prada collection is, for me, one of the most highly anticipated shows of any given season.
Miuccia Prada is at the top of her game, the Queen of Milan...and in my opinion, a genius.
Whenever I have an adverse reaction to her clothing, rather than wrinkle my nose with a haughty nasal exhalation (I'm talking to YOU, Galliano), I take a moment to consider why she's made her choices...what her motivation is.
This season...well, I'd call it debatable.
I don't like it.
I don't dislike it.
It's light, airy, and summery, yes...but unsubstantial on the whole.
I'd feel pretty naked wearing them, myself.
The gold dress below is the gem of the collection for me...and the separates are pretty darn visionary...
...but otherwise?
You've got me stumped, Miu.

Check out Ymre, though!
Miuccia's new campaign captive?

Got Me Lookin' So Crazy Right Now

Beyoncé Knowles a.k.a. M1$$ $4$h4 F13rc33 wearing Gareth Pugh at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Well, B, welcome to the fashion crowd.
Thrilled you're sampling the offerings of little Gary.
Independent woman are you.
He's got quite the repertoire, you know.
Ideas for the future?

Glad you're speakin' my language, B. Glad indeed.

MFW - Raf and Jil Went Up The Hill

Raf Simons is easily one of my favorite designers.
He never strays from the clean, simple, elegant, and intellectual.
I know I rattle off these words like Rei Kawabuko rattles off non sequiters, but these are some integral qualities, in my world, of how a woman should dress.
What I like about Raf is that his conservative minimalism never limits the sex appeal...this woman is showing you less than she's keeping from you, and she knows it.
This woman is on top...
...yet it never feels butch, or overtly masculine.
This season, Raf pulled out the fringe, using the sexy motif to a sultry degree that never felt cheap...albeit just a wee bit body-con. The rest of the collection was familiar Jil Sander-cum-Raf, fare: conservative, intensely luxurious shifts, button up waistcoats, and a few innovative suits.
Just genius.

Best taken with chamomile and a knowing smile.

Thank goodness.
If I saw another jump suit I was gonna flagellate my self.

Monday, November 10, 2008

MFW - Ferré's the Day

The crystallization of my fashion day dreams.
The epitome of the chic inside my head.
My fashion rants realized.
My favorite collection of the season...


Yes, I know. It got good reviews and all...but I thought it was the season's absolute knockout collection, especially for a debut. The Aquilano Rimondi boys churned out a sharp, futurist collection rich in innovative materials, luxurious detail, classic cuts, stark color, couture-like embellishment, and general high-fashion daring.

The shoes? The protractor shoes? The accessory of the far.

How can I begin to describe the brilliance and level of sophistication this collection embodied?

I'll just show you.

The architecture, color, and intrinsic savvy of the clothing speaks for itself. It is intellectual, flattering, and luxurious.

It's St. Laurent, it's Mugler, it's Balenciaga.

It's Bronze Age, Modern Age, Space Age.

It's day. It's night.

It's extraordinary.

As far as I'm concerned...

...this is near-perfect fashion.

MFW - Arguing Armani

In the end...
It's not all about:
1. Glitz
2. Glam
3. Drama
4. Art
5. Irreverence
But clothes, yes, clothes.

This is why I'd like to argue a case...the case of Emporio Armani.
It's not getting written up.
It's not getting raves.
It's not getting buzz.
Honestly, though?
It's just good.
These clothes are wearable and smart. They're not showy or avant-garde, they simply make a woman look like she knows her shit. It's inspiring, minimal, tasteful, sharp, and casual.

Isn't that something to celebrate?

These separates are so simple, so effortless...with no real pretentions of "minimalism". Armani is vastly unappreciated and makes me wonder...

when an editor decrees a collection as "intellectual"...

...what does that really mean?

Alright, I'm back.

Well, it's been awhile.
Things that have been EVER SO distracting:
1. Figuring out how to use my new Macbook.
3. Jetsetting! Yes, that!
1. Montréal, Canada
2. Washington, D.C.
3. New Haven, CT (Yale University)
Sounds glamorous, but it's all work. ALL WORK.
Now...well, NOW is the time for emabarassment.
I've yet to finish my fashion week coverage.
Please don't burn me!
I will be terse, so I can get back to...well, NOW.
Got to keep it going.

I love you all dearly.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MFW - Spring Mix

I've arrived at the conclusion that it's just far too time-consuming to detail every show I happen to take a shine to.
Some yes, yes of course.
But I must filter!
I'm so overdue with these.
Busybusybusy, don't you know?
The capital of luxury and "va-va-voom", as they say, yielded some chic, intellectual, and just plain innovative takes on Spring and Summer fashion this time around. Let's have a look.

Dolce and Gabbana

All that is lovely rolled into one: architecture, luxury, quirk, and color. Though Dolce is always solid on the accessories, I feel as though these dresses could speak volumes unadorned in modest heels and nothing else...perhaps a pearl necklace? Think Balenciaga.The cut, texture, and coloring on all three are the stuff of dreams, it's purely appealing. I suppose Dolce succeeded in attaining Minnie Mouse chic where Zac Posen epically failed.


Oh, Karl. You do know what I like. While I could have lived without theose awkward corset-belt-donut contraptions seen throughout the show, I was otherwise impressed. That first piece on Mariacarla has sick lines and a wicked neckline...and in one of my favorite (nonexistent) colors! It reminds me somehow of fashion's collarbone fetish. Jut 'em out, m'dears. I love that little slip of chiffon on the hem of dresses that I've been seeing...that little whisper. And the second piece? If I were a woman of privelage, a KEPT woman of privelage, I'd right poisin my husband to wear that to the funeral.
I am wretched. Yes, yes I am.


Who doesn't love Marni? My mum picked up some Marni wedges on sale a month or so ago, they were extraordinary. Too bad one of them broke.
Marni's newest effort upholds that ecclecticism that has become the house's sigature over time, an exuberant choice for the thinking woman of taste. Here are a few gems from Spring's kooky show, the first being probably the most pared down, minimal ensemble shown. I absolutely love it. The rich fabrics, the cool coloring, the belted waist, the sharp shoulders, the severe black tights...and that exquisitely exotic necklace just pulls it all together. Genius and refined. As for that last look...
Well, could you possibly say no to that?
Mary-Kate, I'm talking to you, dear. It's Oscar season and my expectations are high.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LFW - Penny, Nicoll, Dime

Minimalism is hard to nail.
It's easy to do wrong, easier to do drably.
I've swooned over the luxurious, severe takes at Calvin Klein and Jil Sander...
But is there room for fun?
I suppose, in ways, I'm just letting go this season. I'm becoming less of a cold Spartan bitch than I was before!
Richard Nicoll, with his saturated, tailored, and actually quite minimalist sportswear, has allowed an easy transition to take place. I still love a good 'ol gray sheath...but I suppose hot pink can be just as well.

To sum it up:

Color Blocking + Slouchy Men's Tailoring + Origami Headpieces=Key to My Pants

Crop the jacket, stick a hot pink tent under it. Yes, please.

Flattering and intrigueing. The psychology here reminds me of Comme des Garcons from two seasons ago.

Peaches are delicious, epecially in silk with some matching torusers.
Wait, what?

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