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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Model Medium

To all sub-boulder dwellers, the Spring/Summer 2009 fashion shows kick off THIS WEEK.
Yes, I'm aware that this means "clothes".
It also, as we know means models.
I find it fascinating to keep in-tune with these lanky beauties, see who's setting the standards and why. I've taken a look at all of the show packages from the agencies, and here are my predictions for who are to be this season's overnight successes. Everyone seems to be making these lists, but hear me out. These girls are new, and, obviously, not necessarily established. My instincts are sound...I hope...

Yes, I've sung the praises of Georgina before, but this is her season. After sweeping Haute Couture week in July, she's poised for a no-prisoners, four-city explosion.

After spending last season as Miuccia's slave for exclusively Miu Miu and Prada (which she opened and closed), her chiseled androgyny is JUST feminine enough to translate to every major couturier.

She's brand new, but I'm positive she'll make waves. Loris is equal parts Brazilian sex godess and edgy androgyne, an unlikely combination. That, and her killer pout, will put her in instant demand.

Karolina's eerie, spindly elegance will earn her favor within the ranks off fantasy-minded designers like Alexander McQueen and Nina Ricci.

When voluptuous lips meet elven features which then mix with ethnic ambiguity and then coincide with a decidedly icnonic moniker, you really can't go wrong.

Svea's nearly inhuman, cartoonlike features will earn her top marks from avant-garde-ists like Rei Kawabuko and Vivienne Westwood. Her strange look may not translate, but they said that about Masha Tyelna...

Ethnicity trend aside, Rhama's elegance is undeniable.

An intrigueing face matched with a gleaming hipster sensibility will carry Sarah to the doorstep of all designers who look for a bit of sass and personality in the casting room.

Xiya's interplanetary sophistication shrieks "blue-chip!".

Hannah's haunting and subdued mystique matched with her considerable height (6 feet!) will make for a angelic presence on the runway.

An Indian icon is long overdue in today's modeling world. With Gaultier and, most notably, Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy singing her praises, she's bound for stardom with the top of the crop.

Though we've seen the powerful likes of Dominika before, they've never looked THIS expensive! Power houses like Yves Saint Laurent and Narciso Rodriguez are sure to take notice.

With Aggy's moment all but over with (it's sad, but true), a new peroxide nymph is desperately in demand! Oh, and her name is PAUL, people. Come on.

I may stand a prophet, or simply corrected. Let's see later this week...month...

Daily Dosage

I am absolutely BANANAS for this month's Vogue Italia cover.
Shot by my forever favorite, Steven Meisel, it feautures up-and-comer Viktoriya Sasonkina looking both strikingly ethereal and classically refined. The lone caption of "Dressing" is pure and very knowing fashion wit, exudeing the old-school elegance of the photo.
I feel like people often forget that dressing is what fashion is primarily "about".
As for the model, a presence like this solidifes her as a new favorite. She booked shows here and there last season, but I immediately wrote her off as a younger, harder-looking version of Stam. I stand corrected, for the ability to command a photo such as that seen above is a talent rare beheld among today's brood of beauties. The editorial inside is also starmaking, I hear.
Vogue US, are you paying attention?
Let's cut this whiteactressinaneveninggown business.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've heard it said that originality is really only undetected plagarism.
When it's detected, however, you just look like an asshole.
Sara Blomqvist in a look from Prada's Fall 2008 Collection, shown on the runway in February 2008.

Bruna Tenorio in a look from Jean Paul Gaultier's Haute Couture Collection for Fall 2008, shown on the runway in July 2008.
I don't know about you, but I fail to see a shred of coincidence here. Gaultier's always maintained a derivative vision, but this is just embarrassing. The French government should bestow their Haute Couture grants upon true innovators, not theives. Call it a "trend", call it a "current look". I call it thievery, and it's not right.

Daily Dosage

Natalia Vodianova in Vogue Italia's May 2008 Issue
(Courtesy of modelcouture, the exquisite fashion photography blog.)
This shoot caught my eye not simply because of Natalia and Mesiel's consistently ingenius work, but because of its reference to one of my absolute favorite artists: Tamara de Lempicka.
Note this photo's remarkable resemblance to her "Romana de la Salle".

Meisel's references always translate into innovative and hauntingly beautiful fashion editorials, whether it be YouTube, fifties housewives, or art deco. He is truly a favorite, as is the ageless Natalia. Bravo! And brava!

Recessive Genial

We're in the midst of a recession. In the long run, this is quite blatently not a good thing. Genius, I know. I've not the political prowess to discuss the specifics in detail, but I'd be blind not to notice the toll it's taking on the individuals around me and also what effects it will probably take on "society" (yes, that word is very much overused, but I think it applies here).
According to political analysts (most of these predictions came from the fabulous Radar Magazine), we'll soon see, among other things, a revival of feminism (hi, Hilary), the increased production of horror movies (hi, everyinsufferablefilmatthelocalcinema), and feminine men held as ideals (hi, Chace and Zach. Coffee?)
This is, of course, a fashion blog...and I would be outright lying if I said I wasn't giddy about the recession's effect on the industry.
During a recession, people cut back. Yes, you knew that. There is an air of conservativeness, of preservation. Naturally, as we saw in the seventies and thirties (R E C E S S I O NAL PERIODS), hemlines drop.
Modesty becomes key.
Minimalism makes reigns.
The color pallette mutes.
The cut and quality of clothing is the focus.
These are a few key elements of what I consider "taste". That is a very pretentious thing to say, yes, but let's take a look back to some fashion snapshots from, say, the end of 1999. The economy was leagues better then. The world, in my opinion, possessed a brighter future. However, with this security came excess. Tell me what you see.
The closing look from Dolce and Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2000 collection.
Here's a closing look from the same season from Yves Saint Laurent, a house whose refinement and powerful elegance is legendary. This isn't as bad, but something like this was expected to sell.
And, finally, from the notorious Versace runway (of the same season, no less) the famous J.Lo dress.
Now, I'm not saying this is a bad way of dressing. It's obviously not my taste, but my taste is certainly not a unanimous one. Note the differences in these looks from the same houses (in previous order) from the recent Spring/Summer 2008 season. I wouldn't show the Fall/Winter 2008 because of the obvious differences between seasons (although there was all that buzz about "seasonless dressing"...)
Dolce and GabbanaYves Saint Laurent

Call it somber, call it boring, call it conservative, call it severe. This is the direction, people.
Luckily, this is a direction in which I revel in progressing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've Friends!

Yes, I acknowledge the fact that I'm rediculous. I'm a hyper fashion-conscious, morbidly body-conscious, and witheringly self-conscious male teenager who cultivates grandiose gripes to plague his really "pretty-alright" life. I'm smart enough, but not much of an intellectual; my mind usually off somewhere in the ballpark of what I'm wearing tomorrow or how I can lose another three pounds.
As it would have it, one of my dearest friends is a sassy, self-lovin' (thanks, alliteration) intellectual who wears what's clean (and usually fabulous, no matter how unaware she may be of it) and takes shit from none. She's healthy and curvacious (not, eherm, hungry, as I'd put it) and refreshingly grounded...which is not to say that she doesn't like a little bit of the ol' glamour every now and then.
Her name is Lizzie Paul and I truly do love her with all my heart.
She was excited to be blogged, about, to say the least, but there truly is something about her that can relate back to all this fashion business. She's above the glitz, the glamour. The skinny. The incessant updates, changes, and trends. Yet, at the same time, she embodies what queens have heralded for centuries as "fabulous".
A self-proclaimed hippie, she rummages through mounds of the finest thrift offerings (sometimes with yours truly) and dresses daily in bohemian splendour. I'm not talking Delia's, or Urban Outfitters that matter. More Janis Joplin, less Kate Moss.
I've often met up with her at the train stop, a sheepish smile on her hellodarlingI'mafortiesmoviestar face as she asks if "she looks alright"?
I tell her she looks extraordinary because she does.
Over the past year, I've gained the confidence and tenacity that I've now in part because of her. She was a steady source of assurance and support when I was in the process of coming out last fall. She knows me better than I know myself, and is the first person my age that I've befriended that I feel may just HAPPEN to know better than I. We have our tiffs, yes, but you would too with your big sister/Jewish mother/divorcee/anti-hag.
She's magnetic.
I'm what some call a "fashion person". Lizzie is not. People lament over their style, their identity, the opinions of others. Oftentimes, it's percieved that these are what embody "fashion". Lizzie hasn't tried like I have, made it her interest, blogged about it. Yet here she is, a style icon among my friends (that sounds cheesy, but I would not say it if I did not mean it). It's conscious for me. Unconscious for her.
Go with your instincts.
Know you're right.
Be a Lizzie.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


"101 Dalmations"'s CRUELLA DE VIL

Raquel Zimmermann in last month's Paris Vogue.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily Dosage

I'm back! So sorry for the delay! Vacationing and all that. ANYWAY, here's another lovely fashion shot. It's Elise Cormbez in this epic Vogue Italia Ed from awhile back. I really adore models who can act, photos like these really ARE worth a thousand words.

Some plausible captions:
"My husband...Kate Moss...a hotel in France..."
"Karl, no...I'll lose as many pounds as you like..."
"What do you MEAN the Balenciaga florals sold out? What is this!?"
"Ali Michael said what? Oh...she didn't name drop..."

Esoteric model humor is just the best.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daily Dosage

Gumbi-relative Anja Rubik in Numero 98, September 2008.

That is e x a c t l y how that Margiela frock should be worn.
Did I mention the collar bones?
Peek-a-boo indeed.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quote du Jour

"For me, models are just pieces of wood that I carve to make clothes look beautiful." - Roberto Cavalli to Observer Food Monthly Magazine.

He then went on to insult Kate Moss, saying that she hasn't what it takes to be a "true star". He also decided to add that Naomi is much the same.

Item One: Have you a deathwish, Mister Cavalli? If you're not knocked cold by a careening Blackberry within the next week or so, some crazed gays are sure to come a'knockin'. Mark my words.

Item Two: As if he supports any incarnation of "food". Psh.

Item Three: "Carving"...? Totes sketch. Back away.

Item Four: It'd take quite a bit of "carving", in any event, to make those leopard-lined floral coats look "beautiful". Romanticism looks drab on you, dear. Stick to the back alleys of Sicily, thanks.

Item Five: Bitch just mad 'cause everyone secretly thinks leopard's skanky. I know you do. Really, I do.

Oh, did I mention I'm a Photoshop Whore?


Rei Kawabuko of Tao/Comme de Garcons is designing a line for H&M. Yes, officially. Slag on the harlequinn facepaint and start crafting your ironic homemade accessories!

Except not. Perhaps.

Sure, Cavalli's done it. Stella McCartney. Madonna. Even the delectably strident/infamous/"omigod they're so RANNNDOMM!" indiehipsterFrench electro duo, Justice, has gotten in on the fun (don't you just LOVE those leather jackets?). But Rei? Has she the restraint? After all:

Oh, and:

Not to mention:

But believe it or not, a preview from W magazine hints at some...censorship.

Pity. For shame! I don't know about ya'll, but I like me some neon tulle with my modestly priced gray trenchcoats and uncharacteristically loud briefs. C'mon Rei. A little irreverence! Some pizzaz! We want bubble wrap tees and kissy-lip cutouts, dammit!

On the other hand, that jacket at right...

It shall be mine.

I'm not much of a business man, now am I?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daily Dosage

Guinivere Van Seenus by Mikael Jansson (Vogue Paris April 2008)

This image is inexplicably delicious. I would murder very cute things for that top. Guinnie is Snow White. Dali would be proud.

Oh yeah, clothes.

I've still a lot to learn about in terms of construction, but I'm not just enamoured with fashion for the vampant glitz and inevitable glamour. The way one dresses is a serious matter.. It serves as a bit of a preview to "who you are", to use a cliché...or, rather, it should be. I believe folks in general, especially residents of the good 'ol U.S of A, don't take nearly enough pride/put enough effort into how they present themselves sartorially. You're smart? You're distinguished? You're fun-loving? You're random? Show us. Show them! Very few feelings, in my opinion, hold a candle to that of walking down the street with the sheer confidence and assurance that you indeed LOOK amazing. It takes effort, and sure, a small streak of exhibitionism, but being well-dressed is never a negative. Oh, and screw "the price". Thrift stores, people! Sample sales! You'd be quite surprised. No, really. I never spend more than $20 on anything if I don't have to. You just need to look a bit harder. In an age obsessed with imageimageFUCKINGimage, why not craft a special one?

As for my own personal stlye (you KNEW that was coming, now didn't you?), I'd classify it as a vicious cyclone of minimalism and maximalism. If it's not finely tailored, it better be romantically deconstructed. If it's not in a stark color pallette, it better possess an explosion of hues. If it's not skintight, give me loose, loose, loose. Etcetera! Intellectual austerity in dress shows you have restraint. You're not exhibiting yourself, and frankly, it'd seem you've nothing approve. Confidenceconfidenceconfidence. At times, though, a daring and romantic piece keeps the masses from getting bored. This sounds pretentious, but I'm just being specific. Really, whatever looks good! I'll wear it if I look unanimously fabulous. I'm also a fan of sillhouettes from the twenties, the fifties, the sixties, and the eighties. Older is better, and I love a good antique. I suppose it's pretty eclectic...but all in all I am very picky. A picture's worth a thousand here are some designer looks from recent seasons that reflect how I think a woman should dress (or, in some ways, how I would dress if I were a woman!). Enjoy...and please! Judge me!

(Jil Sander)

(Alexander Wang)

(Yves Saint Laurent)

(Bottega Veneta)


(Sonia Rykiel)

(Alexander McQueen)


(Christian Lacroix)

(Dolce and Gabbana)


(Louis Vuitton)

(Marc Jacobs)

(Calvin Klein)




(Christopher Kane)

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