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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Model Medium

To all sub-boulder dwellers, the Spring/Summer 2009 fashion shows kick off THIS WEEK.
Yes, I'm aware that this means "clothes".
It also, as we know means models.
I find it fascinating to keep in-tune with these lanky beauties, see who's setting the standards and why. I've taken a look at all of the show packages from the agencies, and here are my predictions for who are to be this season's overnight successes. Everyone seems to be making these lists, but hear me out. These girls are new, and, obviously, not necessarily established. My instincts are sound...I hope...

Yes, I've sung the praises of Georgina before, but this is her season. After sweeping Haute Couture week in July, she's poised for a no-prisoners, four-city explosion.

After spending last season as Miuccia's slave for exclusively Miu Miu and Prada (which she opened and closed), her chiseled androgyny is JUST feminine enough to translate to every major couturier.

She's brand new, but I'm positive she'll make waves. Loris is equal parts Brazilian sex godess and edgy androgyne, an unlikely combination. That, and her killer pout, will put her in instant demand.

Karolina's eerie, spindly elegance will earn her favor within the ranks off fantasy-minded designers like Alexander McQueen and Nina Ricci.

When voluptuous lips meet elven features which then mix with ethnic ambiguity and then coincide with a decidedly icnonic moniker, you really can't go wrong.

Svea's nearly inhuman, cartoonlike features will earn her top marks from avant-garde-ists like Rei Kawabuko and Vivienne Westwood. Her strange look may not translate, but they said that about Masha Tyelna...

Ethnicity trend aside, Rhama's elegance is undeniable.

An intrigueing face matched with a gleaming hipster sensibility will carry Sarah to the doorstep of all designers who look for a bit of sass and personality in the casting room.

Xiya's interplanetary sophistication shrieks "blue-chip!".

Hannah's haunting and subdued mystique matched with her considerable height (6 feet!) will make for a angelic presence on the runway.

An Indian icon is long overdue in today's modeling world. With Gaultier and, most notably, Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy singing her praises, she's bound for stardom with the top of the crop.

Though we've seen the powerful likes of Dominika before, they've never looked THIS expensive! Power houses like Yves Saint Laurent and Narciso Rodriguez are sure to take notice.

With Aggy's moment all but over with (it's sad, but true), a new peroxide nymph is desperately in demand! Oh, and her name is PAUL, people. Come on.

I may stand a prophet, or simply corrected. Let's see later this week...month...


Inspire the Starling said...

NATY all the way! Can't wait for the shows, just wish I was going to a few eh!? Cheers for checking out my blog Harry...liking yours a lot. Cx

Anonymous said...

Paul's real name is Katya or Ekaterina. Paul came from her shortened last name, Pavlovska.
Love her, Lakshmi and Naty.

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