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Monday, September 29, 2008

LFW - For The Love of Basso & Brooke

London Fashion Week, moreso than any of the others, is about eccentircity and fun.

Dismiss eccentricity, opt for chic basics.
Dismiss fun, clomp about in your stilettos.
What if you, though, could have it all?

In one of my favorite collections of the season thus far, the ingenious Basso & Brooke have taken eighties redux to dramatic, artistic, and graphic new heights.

The collection, ripe with vibrant cinched-waisted pantsuits and kimono-style day dresses, is loud, yes, and very colorful...but these clothes possess a sense of madcap intricacy that is seldom found among the present's recession-minded collections. Here are some absolute highlights, and be sure not to miss any I've already posted.

Oh, for joy!

Vlada turned it out, garbed in this explosive opener. The only words that come to mind are comic book superlatives and onomatopoeias.

A look whose impact is outlandishly disproportional to the ease taken in wearing it. Picasso does neons. Oh, to think!

A simpler look with a structured yet organic accordion affect. The beautiful belt pulls it all together with aplomb.

A simple, in comparison, day dress in the familiar sillhouette. Even without some outlandish print about the whole thing (in comparison), the actual design of the garment itself translates with ease. Spot-on for summer.

I just adored the colors and the campy print. So unabashedly eighties! It reminds me of "Fruit of the Loom" th best of ways, mind you.

Peggy Guggeheim turns in her grave.

I adore the Brito-sih print on the pants...and the shirt looks like something out of Lacroix Haute Couture. It's all a complete non sequiter, from the waves to the belt...yet it works.

Just lovely.

LFW - It Was Acceptable in the Eighties

Tubular, ace, bomb, heavy, and rad!

The indulgent, glamorous, and altogether quite rediculous nineteen eighties were splattered (in an orgy of neon, no less) upon the catwalks of London's fashion elite.
Gag me with a spoon?
I think not.
Well, see above.

Chrstopher Kane, Nathan Jenden, and Richard Nicoll present:
The Power Luncheon!

Basso & Brooke and Nathan Jenden present:
The Prom!

And finally!

Topshop Unique presents:
Unfortunate Brenda!

Everyone loves Brenda.

LFW - Sheer Genius

I've not been under some ROCK, you know.
Sheer, in all of it's delightfully exhibitionist manifestations was, indeed, ubiquitous at New York Fashion Week...

...but it didn't get truly interesting until London.

Armand Basi One - Innovative sportswear! Such a rare treat. The beige sheer look is a subversively sexual and altogether very minimal delight with a dash of futurism, care of that fabulous necklace. Seen below, Sessilee's half sheer gray jersey paired with the azure sequined slacks is graphic glee. It's fun and daring and just cool. It pushes the wearability envelope without slobbering all over it, a difficult feat.

Christopher Kane - Never shall I cease to sing the praises of this collection. This end-of-show stunner is intensely sexual in a markedly cerebral, Parisian sort of way. The meek need not apply...nor the tarty.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

LFW - Darwinist Sartorialist

London Fashion Week was extraordinary.
It had at once all that I love to see in design and novel takes on dressing that I have thus learned to love!
After selecting my looks of choice from the collections, a colorful and zany trend has revealed itself.
*cue the jungle noises*
Yes, indeed!
After London's foray into exuberant and campy animal-themed looks, get ready to get down on all fours this Spring.
More Dora the Explorer, less Gaultier F/W 2008
Praise Jesus.

Christopher Kane - My favorite Fall collection thus far witnessed London's fashion prodigy (and my future husband) combining the jovial and cerebral with head-turning renditions of prêt-à-porter classics with smart couture twists. A trendier piece of the collection, this ape-screened A-line dress is instantly one of the seasons most recognizable. The likes of Aggy, Iekeline, and other young haute eccentrics are sure to take notice. The second looks is a more subjective take on animalism, the orange sheer cut sections layering like a dinosuar's armour. Inspiring.

Eley Kishimoto - A new discovery. It's not what one would call "chic" necessarily, but I fell hard for this young British label's gleeful, almost juvenile prints and fearless color use. Lizards? Cute? I know...oh, and don't forget that poisonous dart frog babydoll shift with matching (or utterly mismatching) tights. Eye candy, mmm.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Non Sequitor of a Post Involving One Agyness Deyn

You cannot thwart her.
You cannot stop her.
You cannot quell her.
Agyness is forever.

Excuse me?

Quite recently, fashion photography has taken a turn for the esoteric, strange, and perverse.
Tell me, m'dears, how do these make you feel?

NYFW - Women are from Mars

Whether it be my love of androgyny or the fact that I myself have an X chromosome, I love it when men's tailoring is applied to womenswear. It gives a woman the visual power and impact that has long been associated with us dreary, hairy, and smelly males. While no longer necessarily a scandalous thing (unless your name is Celine Dion), masculine womenswear exudes a hint of irreverence and aggression, one of those intangible attitudes that exemplify why fashion is Fashion. For spring and summer, designers replaced the winter coats with sharp tuxedo ones and some other beautifully butch spearates.

Alexander Wang - Grunge is back. See: your dad's closet.
Daughters by Obedient Sons - While the design team originally did work only in menswear, these tomboyish and often very austere looks remind of Orwellian utopias and futuristic communes. Oh, and the florals are rad. The men's version shall be mine.
Malo - Sigh. Always putting our Freja in the androgynous pieces. I bet she dreams of frilly pink babydoll dress. The prints on this second suit, however, are themselves the stuff of dreams...or acid trips. Freja might know.
Tommy Hilfiger - What Sally the Trophy Wife wears to divorce court to prove her independance from David the Mogul. Sally gets everything. You go Sally!

NYFW - In There Like Swimwear

Seeing swimwear of all garments on a model (especially if that model is Olga Sherer) can either make you dismiss the garment as overly bodycon or give you unfortunate delusions of grandeur. While haute swimwear isn't for everyone, you certainly don't want to be caught in a tye-dye Speedo onesie while sipping your Sangria on the shores of the Riviera. These two particularly innovative bathing suits from Yigal Azrouël and Hervé Léger prove that you can't, in fact, be too rich or too thin.

Hervé Léger - Accentuate those curves of yours (though Olga is struggling) with this wrapped piece best worn poolside with some Loubs.

Yigal Azrouël - A more practical approach, this progressive take on the bikini takes attention away from the problematic tummy area while still packing some serious two-piece sexiness.

NYFW - The Joseph Syndrome

Just the other night, for Mr. Weintraub's deliciously challenging Honors English course, I was assigned to read the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. With Donnie Osmond's face firmly set in my mind, I took in the tale of Jacob (son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham...oh my...) and his golden boy: envied for his coat of many colors. So will be America's discerning ladies this spring and summer, designers having just shown a soaring rainbow of vivid hues on runways. Er. WHAT recession?

Isaac Mizrahi - Looking into my Crayola crayon box, I'd expect least of all for Macaroni and Cheese to be used tastefully. Thanks, Isaac.

Jonathan Saunders - The saturated colors and divine geometric prints and patterns should have landed this talented Brit the Pucci contract. Seriously.

Marc Jacobs - The stripes are hynotizing me into sleep while the yellows, purples, and blues are simultaneously waking me. Only with Marc, I say.
Naeem Khan - This exuberant sheath is just FLOORing. I can only describe it by saying that it puts me in my happy place. There are rainbows galore and fountains of grape juice and benign, omniscent unicorns who are my friends. Please don't look at me like that.
Rodarte - My beloved Mulleavy sisters have done it again! This beautifully draped A-line frock's shock of rosy purple and spunky chain detailing make for an ethereal synthesis of hard and soft.


After last season's innovative reinvention of the little black dress, designers have now opted for its demure sibling in virginal white. Be not fooled, m'dears, the shade of purity is a decepteive one. Just ask Alexander Wang...lordy.

Alexander Wang - See above, really. I want this sweaterdress so bad I can taste the sequins.

Calvin Klein - A deceptively simple shift sillhouette plays host to Francisco's intricate origami folds and pleats. Just intelligent.

Carolina Herrera - This evening stunner from O She of the Aristocracy served as a pristine canvas for an opulent organza detail
Dennis Basso - An ombre effect is always a bit of fun. Isaac Mizrahi - Issac's shift dress is at once rigorous and effortless.
Marchesa - And I thought you couldn't make a mini-dress romantic...

Zac Posen - A refined standout from his sexpot presentation, this intricate white ensemble would fit right in displayed in a Chanel store window.

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