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Friday, September 12, 2008

NYFW - Indian Summer

I called it, ya'll.
Amazonian Indian beauty Lakshmi Menon TORE APART the catwalk this past week, booking, among others: Alexnder Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and she also CLOSED Ohne Titel.
Strangely enough, more than a few of my favorite looks were worn by her.
Seriously, ya'll. No bias here! These would have been favorites with or without her.
It's a bizarre coincidence, what with a gaggle of some fifty or so top models booking jobs and around thirty to thirty five looks on average for each do the math because I certainly won't!
It's so good to see a twenty-seven year old exotic beauty with a shining presence book these shows rather than another 12-year-old Russian tope stick figure.
Namasté, Lakshmi!

Bahnaz Sarafpour - A casual, minimal masculine look.

Carolina Herrera - The photographic floral print is sick. I also love the structure of the top to contrast the print.

Peter Som - Oh, summer. Oh, the magic when winter fabrics meet summer skimpiness. And it's tailored!

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