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Saturday, September 20, 2008

NYFW - The Joseph Syndrome

Just the other night, for Mr. Weintraub's deliciously challenging Honors English course, I was assigned to read the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. With Donnie Osmond's face firmly set in my mind, I took in the tale of Jacob (son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham...oh my...) and his golden boy: envied for his coat of many colors. So will be America's discerning ladies this spring and summer, designers having just shown a soaring rainbow of vivid hues on runways. Er. WHAT recession?

Isaac Mizrahi - Looking into my Crayola crayon box, I'd expect least of all for Macaroni and Cheese to be used tastefully. Thanks, Isaac.

Jonathan Saunders - The saturated colors and divine geometric prints and patterns should have landed this talented Brit the Pucci contract. Seriously.

Marc Jacobs - The stripes are hynotizing me into sleep while the yellows, purples, and blues are simultaneously waking me. Only with Marc, I say.
Naeem Khan - This exuberant sheath is just FLOORing. I can only describe it by saying that it puts me in my happy place. There are rainbows galore and fountains of grape juice and benign, omniscent unicorns who are my friends. Please don't look at me like that.
Rodarte - My beloved Mulleavy sisters have done it again! This beautifully draped A-line frock's shock of rosy purple and spunky chain detailing make for an ethereal synthesis of hard and soft.

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