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Sunday, September 21, 2008

LFW - Darwinist Sartorialist

London Fashion Week was extraordinary.
It had at once all that I love to see in design and novel takes on dressing that I have thus learned to love!
After selecting my looks of choice from the collections, a colorful and zany trend has revealed itself.
*cue the jungle noises*
Yes, indeed!
After London's foray into exuberant and campy animal-themed looks, get ready to get down on all fours this Spring.
More Dora the Explorer, less Gaultier F/W 2008
Praise Jesus.

Christopher Kane - My favorite Fall collection thus far witnessed London's fashion prodigy (and my future husband) combining the jovial and cerebral with head-turning renditions of prêt-à-porter classics with smart couture twists. A trendier piece of the collection, this ape-screened A-line dress is instantly one of the seasons most recognizable. The likes of Aggy, Iekeline, and other young haute eccentrics are sure to take notice. The second looks is a more subjective take on animalism, the orange sheer cut sections layering like a dinosuar's armour. Inspiring.

Eley Kishimoto - A new discovery. It's not what one would call "chic" necessarily, but I fell hard for this young British label's gleeful, almost juvenile prints and fearless color use. Lizards? Cute? I know...oh, and don't forget that poisonous dart frog babydoll shift with matching (or utterly mismatching) tights. Eye candy, mmm.

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