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Monday, September 29, 2008

LFW - Sheer Genius

I've not been under some ROCK, you know.
Sheer, in all of it's delightfully exhibitionist manifestations was, indeed, ubiquitous at New York Fashion Week...

...but it didn't get truly interesting until London.

Armand Basi One - Innovative sportswear! Such a rare treat. The beige sheer look is a subversively sexual and altogether very minimal delight with a dash of futurism, care of that fabulous necklace. Seen below, Sessilee's half sheer gray jersey paired with the azure sequined slacks is graphic glee. It's fun and daring and just cool. It pushes the wearability envelope without slobbering all over it, a difficult feat.

Christopher Kane - Never shall I cease to sing the praises of this collection. This end-of-show stunner is intensely sexual in a markedly cerebral, Parisian sort of way. The meek need not apply...nor the tarty.

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