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Saturday, September 20, 2008


After last season's innovative reinvention of the little black dress, designers have now opted for its demure sibling in virginal white. Be not fooled, m'dears, the shade of purity is a decepteive one. Just ask Alexander Wang...lordy.

Alexander Wang - See above, really. I want this sweaterdress so bad I can taste the sequins.

Calvin Klein - A deceptively simple shift sillhouette plays host to Francisco's intricate origami folds and pleats. Just intelligent.

Carolina Herrera - This evening stunner from O She of the Aristocracy served as a pristine canvas for an opulent organza detail
Dennis Basso - An ombre effect is always a bit of fun. Isaac Mizrahi - Issac's shift dress is at once rigorous and effortless.
Marchesa - And I thought you couldn't make a mini-dress romantic...

Zac Posen - A refined standout from his sexpot presentation, this intricate white ensemble would fit right in displayed in a Chanel store window.

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