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Friday, September 12, 2008

NYFW - Minimus Maximus

Closest to this dear 'ol heart 'o mine is the minimalist aesthetic. Please do not ask me why, or I shall rant myself off the cliff of some terrifying philopsihcal tangent. Basically: it always works and showcases you.
There is a certain intellectuality about an oversized black T-shirt and black jeans that you just can't extract from a Hawaiian button-up.
While last season's Minimania has died down a bit (unless you want to argue that sheer is a form of minimalism...), there were still some ingeniously understated and chic pieces shown for the warm months.

Ports 1961 - Tied with Cynthia Rowley for Fashion Week's most epic belt.

Alexander Wang - Classic Wang execution of masculinity and volume play. Anyone wanna pick me up some leather ciggie pants?

Calvin Klein - While my dear Francisco's show occaisionally missed the mark with its awkward volumes, these white tailored pieces were winners. The first frock is perfectly crisp, conceptual, and stark while the Pierrot top adds a touch of drama rarely seen from the master.

Hanii Y - This girl's cute and furuistic ensembles are highly underrated and underexposed.

Hervé Léger - Where brilliant design meets sex on heels.

Kai Kühne - Now you can instill sartorial intimidation even during heatwaves!

Michael Kors - Light and breezy with a vibrant, voluminous twist. Those priceless PR quips seem not to be his ONLY gems! Oh, please impale me.

Malo - This sensationally edgy tiered structure with a whipser of chiffon at the hem looks pretty darn bueno to me. No really, stone me. This must end!

Marc Jacobs - While subdued respites from the genius' deliciously kooky collection were few, they were brilliant as well. Here's Marc's contemporary spin on St. Laurent-style power dressing.

Narciso Rodriguez - I'm sure these overtly sexual bandage dresses from Narciso's uncharacteristically fun collection elicited cascades of drool from Victoria Beckham's pursed lips.

Oscar de la Renta - This guy just gets it. The epitome of privelage and class is he! Michelle Obama, are you listening? Anyway, it would go without saying that "Oscar Does Color Blocking/Tailored LBD" would yield some pretty fabulous results.

Threeasfour - A cerebral take on the T-shirt. Gimme.

Tommy Hilfiger - This nautical and voluminous belted coat eptiomizes understated luxury.
Yigal Azrouël - 'Cause I'm a sucker for a high waist and a sharp cut and a stark pallette. I should lighten up, I should.


sydneydoll said...

i have leather pants and i love them.
im sad its summer for me in a way.

MOND said...

yeah ck seemed like an imperfect combo of jil sander/balenciaga

mond said...

did i forget to comment on that malo?

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