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Saturday, September 20, 2008

NYFW - Women are from Mars

Whether it be my love of androgyny or the fact that I myself have an X chromosome, I love it when men's tailoring is applied to womenswear. It gives a woman the visual power and impact that has long been associated with us dreary, hairy, and smelly males. While no longer necessarily a scandalous thing (unless your name is Celine Dion), masculine womenswear exudes a hint of irreverence and aggression, one of those intangible attitudes that exemplify why fashion is Fashion. For spring and summer, designers replaced the winter coats with sharp tuxedo ones and some other beautifully butch spearates.

Alexander Wang - Grunge is back. See: your dad's closet.
Daughters by Obedient Sons - While the design team originally did work only in menswear, these tomboyish and often very austere looks remind of Orwellian utopias and futuristic communes. Oh, and the florals are rad. The men's version shall be mine.
Malo - Sigh. Always putting our Freja in the androgynous pieces. I bet she dreams of frilly pink babydoll dress. The prints on this second suit, however, are themselves the stuff of dreams...or acid trips. Freja might know.
Tommy Hilfiger - What Sally the Trophy Wife wears to divorce court to prove her independance from David the Mogul. Sally gets everything. You go Sally!

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