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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MFW - Spring Mix

I've arrived at the conclusion that it's just far too time-consuming to detail every show I happen to take a shine to.
Some yes, yes of course.
But I must filter!
I'm so overdue with these.
Busybusybusy, don't you know?
The capital of luxury and "va-va-voom", as they say, yielded some chic, intellectual, and just plain innovative takes on Spring and Summer fashion this time around. Let's have a look.

Dolce and Gabbana

All that is lovely rolled into one: architecture, luxury, quirk, and color. Though Dolce is always solid on the accessories, I feel as though these dresses could speak volumes unadorned in modest heels and nothing else...perhaps a pearl necklace? Think Balenciaga.The cut, texture, and coloring on all three are the stuff of dreams, it's purely appealing. I suppose Dolce succeeded in attaining Minnie Mouse chic where Zac Posen epically failed.


Oh, Karl. You do know what I like. While I could have lived without theose awkward corset-belt-donut contraptions seen throughout the show, I was otherwise impressed. That first piece on Mariacarla has sick lines and a wicked neckline...and in one of my favorite (nonexistent) colors! It reminds me somehow of fashion's collarbone fetish. Jut 'em out, m'dears. I love that little slip of chiffon on the hem of dresses that I've been seeing...that little whisper. And the second piece? If I were a woman of privelage, a KEPT woman of privelage, I'd right poisin my husband to wear that to the funeral.
I am wretched. Yes, yes I am.


Who doesn't love Marni? My mum picked up some Marni wedges on sale a month or so ago, they were extraordinary. Too bad one of them broke.
Marni's newest effort upholds that ecclecticism that has become the house's sigature over time, an exuberant choice for the thinking woman of taste. Here are a few gems from Spring's kooky show, the first being probably the most pared down, minimal ensemble shown. I absolutely love it. The rich fabrics, the cool coloring, the belted waist, the sharp shoulders, the severe black tights...and that exquisitely exotic necklace just pulls it all together. Genius and refined. As for that last look...
Well, could you possibly say no to that?
Mary-Kate, I'm talking to you, dear. It's Oscar season and my expectations are high.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LFW - Penny, Nicoll, Dime

Minimalism is hard to nail.
It's easy to do wrong, easier to do drably.
I've swooned over the luxurious, severe takes at Calvin Klein and Jil Sander...
But is there room for fun?
I suppose, in ways, I'm just letting go this season. I'm becoming less of a cold Spartan bitch than I was before!
Richard Nicoll, with his saturated, tailored, and actually quite minimalist sportswear, has allowed an easy transition to take place. I still love a good 'ol gray sheath...but I suppose hot pink can be just as well.

To sum it up:

Color Blocking + Slouchy Men's Tailoring + Origami Headpieces=Key to My Pants

Crop the jacket, stick a hot pink tent under it. Yes, please.

Flattering and intrigueing. The psychology here reminds me of Comme des Garcons from two seasons ago.

Peaches are delicious, epecially in silk with some matching torusers.
Wait, what?

LFW: Get Me Lain, Christopher Kane

Cue the carnal moans.
British enfant terrible and general genius, Christopher Kane, turned out a Spring collection that was, at once, conceptual, pretty, hard-edged, wearable, and couture-like.
It was back all the way to prehistory for Kane, portrayed with fiendish literalness through leopard-print sweaters and ape-screened tee dresses (see below) as well as through subtle reference with a beauty all its own. He layered scallopped, sheer organza in vibrant colors to form a sort of dinsauric armor on both dresses and separates...and that's not even to mention the men's tailoring. Christopher Kane continues to remain at the top of my list.
Call me?

This is pure innovation. The wild, circle-cut technique proves to be quite, flattering actually. The pants are destined for ubiquity.

At first glance, I thought these were made of paper...but I think it's actually scallopped organza. Either way, these strange minis are both intellectual and brazenly sexual. The gimmick is there, yes, but I feel Kane takes it a step farther to create, well, actual clothing. The architecture of the black ones is the stuff of dreams, while Sessilee's is all about sizzling color and pattern. Oh, indeed.

The layering here is particularly rad. Edgy and sweet.

It's Britain for me, I says.

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