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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LFW: Get Me Lain, Christopher Kane

Cue the carnal moans.
British enfant terrible and general genius, Christopher Kane, turned out a Spring collection that was, at once, conceptual, pretty, hard-edged, wearable, and couture-like.
It was back all the way to prehistory for Kane, portrayed with fiendish literalness through leopard-print sweaters and ape-screened tee dresses (see below) as well as through subtle reference with a beauty all its own. He layered scallopped, sheer organza in vibrant colors to form a sort of dinsauric armor on both dresses and separates...and that's not even to mention the men's tailoring. Christopher Kane continues to remain at the top of my list.
Call me?

This is pure innovation. The wild, circle-cut technique proves to be quite, flattering actually. The pants are destined for ubiquity.

At first glance, I thought these were made of paper...but I think it's actually scallopped organza. Either way, these strange minis are both intellectual and brazenly sexual. The gimmick is there, yes, but I feel Kane takes it a step farther to create, well, actual clothing. The architecture of the black ones is the stuff of dreams, while Sessilee's is all about sizzling color and pattern. Oh, indeed.

The layering here is particularly rad. Edgy and sweet.

It's Britain for me, I says.

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mond said...

one of my favs, by far

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