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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LFW - Penny, Nicoll, Dime

Minimalism is hard to nail.
It's easy to do wrong, easier to do drably.
I've swooned over the luxurious, severe takes at Calvin Klein and Jil Sander...
But is there room for fun?
I suppose, in ways, I'm just letting go this season. I'm becoming less of a cold Spartan bitch than I was before!
Richard Nicoll, with his saturated, tailored, and actually quite minimalist sportswear, has allowed an easy transition to take place. I still love a good 'ol gray sheath...but I suppose hot pink can be just as well.

To sum it up:

Color Blocking + Slouchy Men's Tailoring + Origami Headpieces=Key to My Pants

Crop the jacket, stick a hot pink tent under it. Yes, please.

Flattering and intrigueing. The psychology here reminds me of Comme des Garcons from two seasons ago.

Peaches are delicious, epecially in silk with some matching torusers.
Wait, what?


Sydneydoll said...

some people need accessories and others can pull of outfits without.

i think confidence plays a huge part as well.

mond said...

i like all this stuff but it really seems like nothing new added or something
i see the jil sander/calvin klein tossed in witha little marc jacobs spring/summer 2007
do like ti tho

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