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Monday, November 10, 2008

MFW - Arguing Armani

In the end...
It's not all about:
1. Glitz
2. Glam
3. Drama
4. Art
5. Irreverence
But clothes, yes, clothes.

This is why I'd like to argue a case...the case of Emporio Armani.
It's not getting written up.
It's not getting raves.
It's not getting buzz.
Honestly, though?
It's just good.
These clothes are wearable and smart. They're not showy or avant-garde, they simply make a woman look like she knows her shit. It's inspiring, minimal, tasteful, sharp, and casual.

Isn't that something to celebrate?

These separates are so simple, so effortless...with no real pretentions of "minimalism". Armani is vastly unappreciated and makes me wonder...

when an editor decrees a collection as "intellectual"...

...what does that really mean?

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