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Monday, November 10, 2008

MFW - Ferré's the Day

The crystallization of my fashion day dreams.
The epitome of the chic inside my head.
My fashion rants realized.
My favorite collection of the season...


Yes, I know. It got good reviews and all...but I thought it was the season's absolute knockout collection, especially for a debut. The Aquilano Rimondi boys churned out a sharp, futurist collection rich in innovative materials, luxurious detail, classic cuts, stark color, couture-like embellishment, and general high-fashion daring.

The shoes? The protractor shoes? The accessory of the far.

How can I begin to describe the brilliance and level of sophistication this collection embodied?

I'll just show you.

The architecture, color, and intrinsic savvy of the clothing speaks for itself. It is intellectual, flattering, and luxurious.

It's St. Laurent, it's Mugler, it's Balenciaga.

It's Bronze Age, Modern Age, Space Age.

It's day. It's night.

It's extraordinary.

As far as I'm concerned...

...this is near-perfect fashion.

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