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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MFW - Raf and Jil Went Up The Hill

Raf Simons is easily one of my favorite designers.
He never strays from the clean, simple, elegant, and intellectual.
I know I rattle off these words like Rei Kawabuko rattles off non sequiters, but these are some integral qualities, in my world, of how a woman should dress.
What I like about Raf is that his conservative minimalism never limits the sex appeal...this woman is showing you less than she's keeping from you, and she knows it.
This woman is on top...
...yet it never feels butch, or overtly masculine.
This season, Raf pulled out the fringe, using the sexy motif to a sultry degree that never felt cheap...albeit just a wee bit body-con. The rest of the collection was familiar Jil Sander-cum-Raf, fare: conservative, intensely luxurious shifts, button up waistcoats, and a few innovative suits.
Just genius.

Best taken with chamomile and a knowing smile.

Thank goodness.
If I saw another jump suit I was gonna flagellate my self.

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