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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Model Magic

It would seem that the model is on the rise.
Girls like Coco Rocha and Agyness are part of a new guard of recognizable beauties with bubbly, marketable personalities beneath their runway scowls.
Every season, a few lucky, lanky, languid ladies claw their way into the hearts of casting directors and debut as runway regulars...or better yet, elusive exclusives for fashion's elite.
This season, a mixture of ex-exclusives, underrated vets, and brand new girls fresh off the boat all had supadupaFLASHHDANNCEEbreakout moments in the spotlight.
Coincidentally, I chose favorites.
Here they are...oh, destiny...

Sarah Blomqvist
The epitome of frigid elegance, Sara Blomqvist lent her imposing presence to the Christopher Kane, Alexender McQueen, and Givenchy name only a few. I see some cinematic editorial moments in her future.

Stephanie Carta
Australia's newest installation, Stephanie Carta possesses an edgy, intellectual beauty. She remained a Balenciaga exclusive for the past few show seasons...perhaps there's a campaign in her future?

Kineé Diouf
While she's been modeling for a while now, Kineé Diouf hit her stride this season, walking for Proenza Schouler and Lanvin. Her exotic features and beautiful skintone (awe-inspiring on the runway) are sure to land her plenty of reputable bookings.

Naty Chabanenko
Fresh from a Prada/Miu Miu exclusive last season, Naty's ethereal presence was in all the right places: from Rodarte to Louis Vuitton...and Prada, of course. With Meisel having already lensed her for one of his edgiest editorial in years, Naty is off to an extraordinary start.

Lakshmi Menon
Lakshmi, the exotic Indian beauty, hit model stardom at a very un-stardom-y age: 28. Her womanly aura floored casting directors across the board, landing her key bookings at Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, and Hermés. With Paris Vogue already having signed on and a Givenchy campaign running in magazines now, one can only speculate upon what's next.

Sophie Srej
In New York, Sophie nabbed the Calvin Klein exclusive, instantly putting her in spotlight. She remained strong in the elite castings, booking Prada in Milan. Sophie's brand of simultaneous edginess and timelessness is sure to catch the eye of avant garde publications like i-D. as well as glossy staples like Harper's Bazaar or Elle.

Ymre Stiekema
The seasons undoubted sphinx, the enigmatic Ymre appeared as a strict exclusive in the Prada show, not even appearing at Miu Miu as the Prada exclusives usually do. As her ethereal Prada resort ads are running in magazines now, there's is a great possibility that this powerful beauty may fill the void that Sasha Pivovarova's Prada contract expiration opened. Miu's new muse?

Sessilee Lopez
Sessilee, another modeling vet, was the name on everyone's lips this past season, booking everyone from Fendi to Vivienne Westwood to Lanvin...not to mention Marc Jacobs. Her classic beauty defies any "ethnicity trend", and having already been featured in starmaking editorials in V and Vogue Italia, she's bound for even more.

Stay tuned, ya'll!
Aren't models grand?

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